Where Movement is Health|Healing|for All

A movement and wellness studio in the heart of Sudbury, uncovering the possibilities already within you.

We blend neuromuscular principles and neural fascial science for a holistic, results-driven movement approach that is unlike any other.

We don’t just believe movement is for everyone, we know it is. That’s why our services cater to all bodies and levels.


Our vibrant and sensory space emphasizes the physical, mental, and emotional, allowing for spiritual empowerment.

Our most natural form of healing

There is incredible power in the way that we move our bodies.

We passionately believe that movement is the route to recovery, improved health, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Our mission is to empower this transformation within others through a combination of education, movement practices, and mindfulness.

New to our studio?

We’re thrilled you’re here! Let’s get you up to speed so you can begin your journey towards better health, mobility, and overall wellbeing.

A client laying on a massage table getting a therapeutic massage
A client laying on a massage table getting a therapeutic massage

Group Classes

Discover what moves you with our selection of premium, intimate group classes, carefully designed with all bodies and levels in mind.


Explore our workshops where we empower you to learn about your health through movement, nutrition, and the principles of natural healing.


From injury rehabilitation and chronic pain to moving more efficiently, we tailor these sessions to you and your movement goals.

Shockwave Therapy

Treat your chronic, persistent pain with the power of shock waves, a non-surgical treatment that penetrates through soft tissues to stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

PEMF Therapy

A non-invasive, gentle treatment that works to rejuvenate and recharge at a cellular level. PEMF targets damaged or weakened cells so you can function at optimal levels.

Part of aging, I’m realizing, is dealing with aches and pains. I’ve been with Moetus Health for many years and get results. Jenine and the team have given me a better understanding of how to heal and take care of my own body. I began with MELT and made my way to the Reformer. Moetus is like going home, the team are kind, caring, and offer excellent service.

Danielle V

“Since 2015 I have benefited from Jenine’s extensive knowledge and expertise through MELT and Reformer Pilates classes as well as 1:1 sessions. Her exceptional and compassionate approach has contributed to ongoing functional improvement in my quality of life and well-being!”

Louise C.