Functional Movement
& Fascial Therapy

Functional Movement & Fascial Therapy

Group classes are offered as part of our progressive series structure. Learn more


45 & 60 Minutes

High Intensity

A challenging workout geared towards improving resilience and endurance.

Quick bursts of high-intensity exercises focus on multi-joint movement patterns, which build strength and improve range of motion.

Classes focus on movements to equip you for the most important type of physical fitness: REAL-LIFE ACTIVITIES!

Classes are limited to 11 participants.

  • Intermediate
Stretch Lab


60 Minutes

Medium Intensity

Note: This program is offered as a progressive series.

StretchLab is for the fascia-focused aficiondos.

A deep dive into your body to identify the impact of fascia on biomechanics. These classes are designed as an exploration of movement.

Classes focus on strengthening, stabilizing, and lengthening underused muscle groups while restoring synergy within the body.

We will focus on identifying ways to improve mobility and reduce pain from a fascia-focused perspective.

  • Advanced


45 Minutes

Low Intensity

Note: This program is offered as a progressive series.

Each class has a different theme, with an underlying focus on fascia and the role of the nervous system on joint stability, muscle tension, and functional movement.

Classes are limited to 18 participants.


  • All Levels

Class Pricing

Our pricing is per individual class with each group class offered as a progressive series.
Drop-ins may be accommodated depending upon availability.

Some of our therapy sessions are private. These may require an initial assessment.

Learn more about our class pricing and progressive series structure.