Jenine Saunders

Founder & Somatic Therapist

BSc. (Hons.) Physiotherapy
Licensed Fletcher Pilates® Provider


In 2003 Jenine began studying and practicing the Pilates Method at the STOTT Pilates International Training Centre in Toronto. In 2005 she completed an honours degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Manchester in England. As part of her thesis, she researched the benefits of Pilates on the general population suffering with chronic low back pain (CLBP).


Jenine has many years experience providing patients with diverse therapeutic services in a clinical setting. Her success as a therapist is largely due to her ability to treat the body as a whole. For over 17 years Jenine has been treating patients using a multitude of treatment modalities with a focus on fascial therapy and movement repatterning.

Since the individual situation and medical history of each patient can have a profound impact to a patient’s condition, this approach to therapy improves the patient’s anatomical dysfunction, the physiology of the associated tissue, and often the emotional state of the patient. Jenine continues to share her knowledge and experience through movement-based classes and continuing-education workshops.

Favourite Movement

Long Spine on the Reformer – The reformer elongates the spine in a way that is unique specifically to the equipment as it allows you to traction the area and bring integrity back into the body.

Favourite Quote

“When the personality comes to serve the energy of the soul that is authentic empowerment”
– Gary Zukav

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